Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Supporting Student Success

This quarter has seen many students succeed with their learning goals. It has also seen some students struggling to manage deadlines, workload and communications. The build up of late or missing
assignments just leads to additional stress for students, and some conclude they are 'stupid' and / or it's impossible to catch up. I definitely do not want either of these situations to occur.
For this reason, when we return after the break, I am introducing a new policy. Where an assignment is overdue, students will be invited to a lunch-time catch-up session on the same (or next) day. Where this is not possible (due to other time commitments), they will be offered an after-school slot. This will enable them to carve out specific time for the specific task, and I will be nearby to support with any issues around understanding. These issues may be technology-related or content-related; either way I am here to help.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you see your son or daughter struggling even before a deadline - the sooner we identify obstacles to their achievement, the sooner we can get them back on the right path.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable and well-deserved break.
We will be heading back to the beautiful town of Hoi An. Whether you are staying home or travelling out of the city, I wish you safe travels and an enjoyable break.
Remember - whatever you do: happy learning!

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  1. Hello, I am Justin's father. I am here to say that I think this blog post is really informational and I hope that it shows my son how to get through Language Arts and other classes.