Monday, 31 October 2016

Knowledge is Power

At the end of this week - Friday - students will have submitted their final informational research papers. They have been working on these since before the break, and Friday will see the product of all their hard work. These papers offer students the opportunity to delve deeper into a topic they are interested in, as well as develop essential academic writing and research skills. In the process, learners can see how it is possible to use online resources and critical thinking to learn anything they choose to. My hope is they can transfer these skills to any topic, and in this way become genuine life-long learners.

Of course, we can offer as much support and encouragement as we want, but it is up to students to accept that assistance. Today our lunchtime session was busy, but there are still some students who would benefit from joining us. Anyone who is struggling to make adequate progress is welcome to join us, and those who are behind our in-class checkpoints are obliged to join us. This is make sure nobody falls behind and then panics when they realise they cannot meet the deadline. It is not a punishment; it is a support.

Indeed, some students who are not struggling or behind join us at lunchtime or after school so they can have some extra time to work on their papers. This has the benefit of reducing homework so when they leave school, they can focus on other things.

Please let's support our teens in meeting Friday's deadline so we can spend the rest of the semester with a positive outlook, having celebrated all the hard work that has gone into these.

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