Thursday, 6 October 2016

Crystine and Teddy Stick With It!

This morning before school, Teddy and Crystine dropped by to ask questions about some concepts from NoRedInk. Both had been struggling with different language issues, but within 10 minutes, they were resolved and they were then able to complete the task successfully.
Their achievement is worth recognising because not all students ask for help when it's needed. Some give up at the first hurdle, or perhaps after trying just 1 solution. These 2 demonstrated the understanding that sometimes you have to go that little bit further, with a little extra effort if you really want to succeed. They were clear about what they didn't understand, and were able to use the time efficiently.
Congratulations to both these learners for showing us how it's done.
I hope they, along with everyone else, enjoy the long weekend.

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